How To Use Rose Quartz Face Roller

I was excited when I got my hands on the trendy instagram Rose Quartz Face Roller , but is it just a trend or does it really have benefits? The most popular benefit is said to be the ability to eliminate under eye puffiness. So I tried this must-have Rose Quartz Face Roller out for one week , and I'm quite impressed. Yes it does help with morning eye puffiness but overall I just felt better after 3 minutes of rolling (massaging) my face and neck. I often switched between a Retinol Serum and Blume's Meltdown Acne Oil the rose quartz roller massages the product deep into skin and seals in the product for maximum benefit. 


How to use

Roll your face and neck 2-3 minutes daily. 

Use the larger end of the massager for bigger areas of the face such as the cheeks and forehead.

Use the smaller end for more delicate areas of the face such as under the eyes, between brows, and on nose.

Store in the fridge for extra soothing effects. Wipe your face roller with a damp cloth before and after each use. Air dry.