7 Days Vitamin Mist

$9.74 $12.99

Vitamins, Minerals from 6 natural ingredients clarifies and moisturizes your skin.

TomatoRemoves harmful free radicals and purifies skin of unhealthy pollutants for cleaner and healthier appearance.BroccoliNaturally abundant vitamins replenish and provide important nutrient building blocks to your skin. BananaDelivers ever important minerals with purification and revitalization properties to strengthen your skin defense system.AppleAHAs compound penetrates your skin giving you quick and firm calming hydration lift for firmer healthier-looking skin.CabbageRich nutrients calms your under nourished skin, and removes impurities while promoting soothing and cooling sensation.CarrotVitamin A's hydrating benefit helps to smooth out dryness and rejuvenates your skin with moisture.

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