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Coca-Cola Lip Balm

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Enjoy a variety of three Coca-Cola flavored Lip Smacker lip balms with this Coca-Cola Lip Balm Tin! Each flavor is as good for your lips as it tastes!

Since 1973, Lip Smacker has put smiles on lips around the globe. Each carefully crafted lip balm is inspired by their endless flavors, variety of colors and 40+ years of evolving style. The flavor combinations are endless - mix and match to find your own lip softening, smile inducing, deliriously happy moment because at Lip Smacker, they hope their authentic flavors, scents and colorfully designed products make you happy. Lip Smacker invites you to discover their world, explore their brand and find your favorites.


  • Coca Cola Lip Balm (0.14 oz)
  • Coca Cola Cherry Lip Balm (0.14 oz)
  • Coca Cola Vanilla Lip Balm (0.14 oz)

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