Let's Get It Professional Smoothing Vegan Primer


Pores professional makeup primer. We grant you the disappearance of thick pores, leveled skin texture and convenient canvas preparation. Contains a rich consistency that evenly melts into the skin finishing off with a velvet smooth foundation ready skin.  Results after primer consist of a better than better foundation coverage plus application performance. Available in 10 suitable tones that target your specific skin needs

#P01: Smoothing matte white primer.

#P02: Smoothing beige Primer 

#P03: Smoothing White Primer

Green: Tones down redness correcting primer.

Lilac: Counteracts sallow undertones correcting primer. 

Blue: For fair skin reduces yellowness and slight redness. 

Yellow: For medium skin illuminates medium to tanned skin. 

Peach: For pallid skin warms the skin with a sunny glow. 

Caramel: For tanned skin warms deep skin 

Pink: For lifeless fair skin adds rosiness. 

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